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I have a list of json objects.

var Planets = [
            {name:"maths", percComp: "2", preReq: "english"},
            {name:"english", percComp: "20", preReq: "geog"},
            {name:"geog", percComp: "57", preReq: "maths"}          

These objects are planets that i will add to a universe. They are school subjects

I also have a planet class

function Planet(planet, index)
        this.name = planet.name;
        this.percComp = planet.percComp;
        this.preReq = planet.preReq;
        CreatePlanet(this, index);
        this.line = paper.path('');

        function RedrawLine(planetFrom, planetTo, strokeWidth)
                path:"M" + planetFrom.attrs.cx + "," + planetFrom.attrs.cy + "L"+ planetTo.attrs.cx + "," + planetTo.attrs.cy,
                "stroke-width": strokeWidth

        function CreatePlanet(planet)
            var planetName = planet.name;
            planetName = paper.circle(200 * index, 100, 80/index);
                stroke: '#3b4449',
                'stroke-width': 6               

            SetGlow(30, true, 0, 0, 'grey', planetName)

        function SetHover(planet)
            var radius = planet.attrs.r;
                this.animate({ r: radius * 1.3}, 150)
                this.animate({ r: radius}, 150)

        function SetGlow(width, fill, offSetx, offsety, color, planet)
                width: 30,
                fill: true,
                offsetx: 0,
                offsety: 0,
                color: 'grey'


The code to initiate the program is

var element = document.getElementById('Main-Content')
var paper = new Raphael(element, 1000, 1000);

    window.onload = function()

        var planetsSet = paper.set();

        var index = 1;
            var planet = new Planet(this, index);

        for (i=0; i<planetsSet.length; i++)
            var planetTo = planetsSet[i];
                            // This is a test to see if RedrawLine works
                            var planeFrom = planetsFrom[i+1];
            planetTo.RedrawLine(planetTo, planeFrom, 30)
            var preReq = this.preReq;          

The code populates the screen with 3 planets. I am trying to connect these with a line. The line will connect a planet with its pre requisite that is declared in the json object. So maths has a pre requisite english, and english has a pre requisite geog. I have a function in the Planet class that will draw the line, but I cant access the objects after they have been drawn.

Is this a problem with Raphael or can it be done?

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several errors in your approach:

  • Paper.set is not Array, use Array for such purpse
  • you messed scopes, pass paper to your object constructor
  • public methods should be declared at least as this.method not just function method()
  • keep a public properties of your planet in this.property object or at least not call this.planet as PlanetName.
  • you forget to use this.line in your redraw method

little code to fill the void:

var planetsSet = [];

working sample


Remove planetFrom from RedrawLine method parameters, to be possible call this method as PlanetFrom.RedrawLine(planetTo);

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Thans for the working sample man this helps a lot –  Wesley Skeen Nov 17 '12 at 2:00
And also for the tips too –  Wesley Skeen Nov 17 '12 at 11:15

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