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How can I remove all dirs that start with a prefix, So I have something like this

  • xyzdirblah
  • xyzdir2
  • xyzdir3
  • xyzdir4
  • ..more

want to do via adb shell , android

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If there happens to be a file called xyzdir5, then do you want to delete it too? – Nicolas Raoul Oct 28 '13 at 3:26

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rm -rf xyzdir*

rm is the command to delete things.

-r means recursively delete directories. -f means don't ask questions, and don't complain. -rf means both of those things together.

xyzdir* expands to the names of files that start with "xyzdir" (including directory names, since in Unix-like systems -- including Android -- directories are really just a special kind of file.)

If there are nondirectory files with the same prefix, like "xyzdir.txt", which you don't want to remove, you have to be more careful:

for i in xyzdir*; do [ -d $i ] && rm -rf $i; done

This loops over every file-or-directory with a name starting with "xyzdir" (the for i in part), checks whether it is a directory (the [ -d $i ] part), and if so (the && part), removes it recursively (the rm -rf $i part).

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This would delete all files starting with xyzdir as well... (I know the OP does not state that there are files with this name or not) – Veger Nov 17 '12 at 1:30
That's true. Edited response. – Jonathan Tomer Nov 17 '12 at 1:31
Thanks, it worked, -r worked but not -rf may be rm in android contains small set of params – Ahmed Nov 17 '12 at 1:42

Here is the correct command:

rm -r xyzdir*

Jonathan's answer won't work, because adb does not recognize the -f switch.

EDIT: I believe it is not really the point of the question, but if you want to spare files called xyzdir* then use Jonathan's command without -f:

for i in xyzdir*; do [ -d $i ] && rm -r $i; done
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