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My program starts by asking if the user would like to import a file, if the user selects yes, then they are asked to give the name of the file they would like to use. I can't seem to get the input from the file to work and display accordingly. Basically I'm trying to take the names and numbers from a file and enter them into the show phonebook portion of my application. As of right now, it just seems to take in the file, but store nothing. Here is the 3 main functions that deal with my issue.

#include <stdio.h> 
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <conio.h>
#define BUFFSIZE 500
//Structure for contacts. These are now pointers.
typedef struct friends_contact{

 char *First_Name;
 char *Last_Name;
 char *home;
 char *cell;
//Function declarations 
void menu(fr*friends ,int* counter,int i,char buffer[]);
void setFirst(fr*,int *,int i,char buffer[]);
char getFirst(fr*,int i);
void setLast(fr*friends, int* counter, int i,char buffer[]);
char getLast(fr*friends , int i);
void setHome(fr*friends, int* counter, int i,char buffer[]);
char getHome(fr*friends, int i);
void setCell(fr*friends, int* counter, int i,char buffer[]);
char getCell(fr*friends, int i);
void add_contact(fr*friends,int* counter,int i,char buffer[]);
void print_contact(fr*friends ,int* counter, int i,char user_entry3[50]);
char delete_contact(fr*friends ,int* counter, int i);
int show_contact(fr*friends ,int* counter, int i);
void file(fr*friends ,int* counter, int i,char user_entry3[50]);
char file2 (fr*friends ,int* counter, int i,char user_entry3[50]);

int main() {

 fr friends[5];
 char buffer[BUFFSIZE];
 int counter=0;
 int i=0;

 menu(friends, &counter,i,buffer);

return 0;

 void menu(fr*friends,int* counter, int i,char buffer[]) {
   int user_entry=0;
   int user_entry2=0;
   char user_entry3[50]={'\0'};

   printf("Welcome! Would you like to import a file? (1)Yes or (2) No");
         printf("please enter the name of the file");
         file2(friends ,counter, i,user_entry3);        
    int result;

      printf("\nPhone Book Application\n");
      printf("1) Add friend\n2) Delete friend\n3) Show a friend\n4) Show  phonebook\n5)Exit\n");   
     scanf("%d", &user_entry);

        delete_contact(friends ,counter,i);
        result=show_contact(friends ,counter,i);
                printf("\nName not Found\n");

        print_contact(friends, counter,i,user_entry3);
       printf("Would you like to save entries to a file? (1)yes or (2) no");
         if(user_entry2 == 1)
           printf("Please name your file");
           file(friends, counter,i,user_entry3);

       }else if(user_entry2 == 2)

Here is the function in which I am trying to open the file and retrieve the information.

void file2(fr*friends ,int* counter, int i, char user_entry3[50])

  FILE *read;
  for( i = 0; i < *counter; i++)
        fscanf(read,"%s ",friends[i].Last_Name);



And lastly, here is where I attempt at adding the date from the file, to the phonebook.

void print_contact(fr*friends ,int* counter, int i,char user_entry3[50]) 

  for( i = 0; i < *counter; i++)
    if (strlen(friends[i].First_Name) && strlen(friends[i].Last_Name)&&strlen(friends[i].home)&& strlen(friends[i].cell ))
        getFirst(friends, i);
        getLast(friends, i);
        getHome(friends, i);
        getCell(friends, i);


My logic might be faulty, but I cant seem to figure this out. I can post the rest of the code if needed, but I'm hoping I am making a simple mistake and someone can catch it by looking at what I have provided.

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what value does counter have and why are both counter and i passed as arguments at all? if counter is zero then nothing will be read from the file.

wouldn't it be better to read until the end of the file? maybe you would then set counter (or return a value for it).

there is absolutely no reason for i to be a parameter; it should be a local variable.

and if you included a definition of fr and a main so that the example could be compiled and run you might get more detailed help...

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More information has been added. – user1781966 Nov 17 '12 at 2:15

Andrew Cooke is right, you are passing counter as 0, so file2 reads nothing, as instructed. Note that when this is changed to counter=1, your program then fails because the structure fr is full of pointers not allocated memory. You were asking about how to allocate the memory in a question a day or two ago, so maybe you should look at that first.

Your code has many other issues but, at least you can fix the structure and stop passing counter and i into functions. But then you have the problem of your friends array having a fixed size - you need to avoid overrunning the end...

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