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I am wondering which languages support the best (as in easiest to use) GUI platforms (as it relates to tying in with language). Thus far I have done very little in Java but so far I really find that it really is terrible in my experience - perhaps just a lack of experience. I have used VB and found it is much easier to use.

Im also curious how you can even use a GUI in some languages (im sure you can) like: C, C++, Python.

I do lack some research in these an am looking for guidance for the community.

Update: In light of issues with polling, I guess I should be more specific. As others already mentioned, some languages don't have built in GUI API. I think for the responses I received I think it has answered my question even though I didn't ask it well.

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Java can use Swing but there's also SWT (and now JavaFX). C,C++ and Python have no official GUI API but there are plenty of different toolkits precisely because "What is best?" is a matter of opinion. This might be closed as "Not constructive" unless you give more specific parameters of what would be "best" for you. – madth3 Nov 17 '12 at 2:07
From the vote-to-close popup: "Will likely solicit debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion" – Robᵩ Nov 17 '12 at 2:11
@Robᵩ: Thanks I still find it difficult to determine the best method of asking a question and perhaps should have defined my question better – Kairan Nov 17 '12 at 2:19

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For quick and dirty GUI applications, I prefer Java. Java comes with libraries necessary to support GUIs.

For larger GUI application, I prefer C++ with a cross platform GUI library like wxWidgets or Qt. I like to have my application use native instructions and not a virtual machine.

I hate Visual Basic because there is no standard for BASIC and the Visual Basic language is at the mercy of Microsoft. If Microsoft wants to change the language, it can without any reviews from anybody.

You forgot the C# language. I hate C# because it needs the very large and messy underlying foundations. For example, there are many layers between your program and the serial port. Try to detect when a character was received is nasty at best.

If I'm in a very masochistic mood, I write a GUI in C. (Or if the shop demands only using C language, including GUIs -- see embedded systems falsehoods.)

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Unless your application is something like a web-service that needs a simple UI layer, it's generally a bad idea to split the two into different languages (or rather: different runtimes. Obviously you're free to mix C# and VB.NET (both CLR), Groovy and Java (both JVM), or C and C++ (both CRT).

If you're asking what the "best" GUI framework is, then you're asking a bad question for SO and your question will be closed. Granted, many frameworks are faster to develop in (VB6) others are more performant (raw Win32 in C), others provide true cross-platform support (Qt) or you could eschew a GUI completely and go with ncurses.

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