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I need to add object such as DataGrid to my Gtk# Forms. I had read some information about it and found next code:

    protected ListStore SetupModel(TreeView aTreeView, String StartOfColumns, params Type[] TypesOfColumnsForListStore)
    ListStore m = new ListStore(TypesOfColumnsForListStore);

    CellRendererText textCell=new CellRendererText();

    for(Int32 i=1;i<=TypesOfColumnsForListStore.Length;i++)
        TreeViewColumn nameCol = new TreeViewColumn( StartOfColumns + i, textCell, "text", 0);
        //TreeViewColumn nameCol = new TreeViewColumn( StartOfColumns + i, new CellRendererText(), "text", 0);
        aTreeView.AppendColumn( nameCol);

    aTreeView.Model = m;

    return m;

void PopulateData( ListStore model ) 
    model.AppendValues( "Fred", "Blue" );
    model.AppendValues( "Bob", "Green" );
    model.AppendValues( "Mary", "Yellow" );
    model.AppendValues( "Alice", "Red" );


But if I use this code, all of the columns is readonly. Then I found other information's here, but next code isn't working too:

protected void OnButton1Clicked (object sender, EventArgs e)

CellRendererText renderer=new CellRendererText(); TreeViewColumn treeColumn=new TreeViewColumn(); renderer.Height=40; renderer.Width=90;

  treeColumn.SetCellDataFunc (renderer, delegate (TreeViewColumn col,

CellRenderer cell, TreeModel model, TreeIter iter) { var textCell = (CellRendererText) cell; textCell.Text = (string) model.GetValue (iter, 0); textCell.Editable = (bool) model.GetValue (iter, 4); });


  ListStore model2=new ListStore(typeof(String));
  model2.AppendValues("1");       model2.AppendValues("2");



May anyone explain to me how to use the TreeView as an editable DataGrid?

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