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ScalaQuery requires (AFAIK) to use an provider specific import in your code, for example:

import org.scalaquery.ql.extended.H2Driver.Implicit._

We are trying to use H2 in development mode and MySQL in production. Is there a way to achieve this?

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My approach was:

class Subscribers(database: Database)(profile: ExtendedProfile) {
    import profile.Implicit._

Where Subscribers basically is my Data-Access-Object. Not sure this is the best approach out there. It solved my case.

You would create such DAO like: production code:

new Subscribers(database)(MySQLDriver)

...and in test code:

new Subscribers(database)(H2Driver)
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I use the following in playframework

object test {
  lazy val extendedProfile = {
    val extendedProfileName = Play.configuration getString "db.default.extendedProfile" get

  def companionObjectNamed(name: String) : AnyRef = {
    val c = Class forName (name + "$")
    c.getField("MODULE$") get c

And then import

import util.extendedProfile.Implicit._

org.scalaquery.ql.extended.MySQLDriver is the string I used in config to make mysql work.

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