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I have next working code.

  • View with list of links:

    <%= div_for feed do %>
      <%= link_to feed.name, { :controller => 'Feeds', :action => "get_posts", :id => feed.id }, 
    :remote => true %>  
    <% end %>
  • Controller wich works when user click the link:

    def get_posts
      @result = Feed.find(params[:id]).generate_html_table    
      respond_to do | format |  
        format.js {render :layout => false}  
  • Method wich generate HTML:

    def generate_html_table
        r = "<table>"
        self.posts.order("published desc").each { |p|                   
            link = '<a href=' + p.link + '>' + p.title + '</a>'
            date = '  ' + p.published.to_s
            r += '<tr><td>' + link + '</td><td>' + date + '</td></tr>'
        r + '</table>'
  • And get_posts.js.erb:

    $( "#in" ).html("<%= raw @result %>");

Users clicks the link, generate_html_table genetares HTML code which inserted into #id div.


I want to change generate_html_table with partials. How can I get it ?

How did I try it

  • I have created file views/feeds/_posts.html.erb with:

    some static text
  • I have edit my get_posts.js.erb as:

    $( "#in" ).html("<%= escape_javascript(render :partial => 'posts' )%>");

But even now, with static text it doesn't work.

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It looks like you have view code in the controller, you should get rid of the generate_html_table method and leave that to the get_posts.js.erb, when you are putting code that belongs to a view so clearly you know you are going offtrack.

The get_posts.js.erb you have in the second part of the question seems right, I don't see a #in in your previous view code where that code would be inserted, have you checked calling the ajax URL directly to discard a problem in the ajax part? (like not having loaded the jquery-ujs or whatever unobtrusive javascript platform you are using). I also don't see any code that is handling the remote, so the javascript that is returning from the call is probably not being used.

My recommendation would be:

  • get rid of generate_html_table
  • leave the gathering of the posts you want to gather (self.posts.order("published desc")) in the controller, that does belong in the controller
  • add code to the asset of your page to handle the ajax:success callback of your button to insert the html in #in
  • don't return javascript in your ajax call, rather return the HTML that you need to insert, let the client handle the javascript part
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You may try using a bit more the js templates

The problem over here is that you are mixing a lot of responsabilities, try to divide them a little bit more.



You can move the order into a scope in the model.

def get_posts
  @posts = Feed.find(params[:id]).order("published desc")

  respond_to do | format |  


  • The model has no need to know how to render out a list of posts.
  • Extract the generate_html_table method.


Implement the old generate_html_table in the view template

<div id="in">
  <% @posts.each do |p|  %>
      <td> <%= j (link_to p.title, p.link) %> </td>
      <td><%= j p.published.to_s %> </td>
  <% end %>                

NOTE: Haven't test this code, but something like this should work.

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