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I'm trying to pass a variable from one page to another using google app engine, I know how to pass it using GET put putting it in the URL. But I would like to keep the URL clean, and I might need to pass a larger amount of data, so how can pass info using post.

To illustrate, I have a page with a series of links, each goes to /viewTaskGroup.html, and I want to pass the name of the group I want to view based on which link they click (so I can search and get it back and display it), but I'd rather not use GET if possible.

I didn't think any code is required, but if you need any I'm happy to provide any needed.

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Links inherently generate GET requests. If you want to generate a POST request, you'd need to either:

  • Use a form with method="POST" and submit it, or
  • Use AJAX to load the new page.
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K, that's what I was thinking I would need to do but I was kinda hoping for an easier way. Thanks :) – marblecatdog Nov 17 '12 at 4:52

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