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I am using an html image button type like this:

<input id="wbsupld" type="image" value="upload" onclick="showwbsdiv()" src="images/Upload.png">

and the javascript function is:

 function showwbsdiv() {
        document.getElementById("masswbsupld").style.display = "block";
        return false;

which is displaying a div "masswbsupld" but the problem is my page is getting refreshed and the div goes back to display="none" mode.

and i am using update panel .. is that causing this?

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Because its type is image, an image input element will submit your form.

You need to do

onclick="return showwbsdiv();"
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thanks ... that solved it .. thanks again – Arindam Das Nov 17 '12 at 5:24

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