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I have a question regarding storage of constants in C.

If I have the following statement:

const int a = 5;

If the statement was in global scope, the constant would be stored in .rodata . I have been working with the TI compiler for MSP430 devices. If the statement was in local scope, the constant is stored on the stack .

I am not sure what would happen if I declare it as a "static const" in local scope, but I would expect it to be stored in .rodata .

Is this behavior correct?

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I don't know about the TI compiler, but most compilers will treat const int a = 5; similar to a #define a 5 and not store it anywhere in particular. –  Bo Persson Nov 17 '12 at 11:50

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There is no "correct" behavior. Platform, toolchain type and version, OS, compiler and linker settings have all huge influence on the section a variable will end up in.

I have seen static const being put in .text, .data, .sdata, etc.

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