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i want to run a query in my page load and it get a value from a DropDownList and the DropDownList get its value from SqlDataSource. my problem is whenever my page load wants to execute the query, the DropDownList doesn't fill and give an error. what should i do? how can i fill my DropDownList before executing my query? please guide me. thanks

string connStr = ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["dbconn"].ConnectionString;
        SqlConnection sqlconn = new SqlConnection(connStr);
        SqlCommand sqlcmd = new SqlCommand();
        sqlcmd = new SqlCommand("SELECT COUNT(RolInfo.name) AS Expr1 FROM ArticleSelected INNER JOIN RolInfo ON ArticleSelected.UserName = RolInfo.username WHERE (RolInfo.Role = 'Editor') AND (ArticleSelected.Type = @Type) GROUP BY RolInfo.name, RolInfo.prefix, RolInfo.middlename, RolInfo.family, RolInfo.Role, RolInfo.Country, RolInfo.City, RolInfo.Address, RolInfo.deparment, RolInfo.institution, RolInfo.phone, RolInfo.fax, RolInfo.Fields, ArticleSelected.Type, ArticleSelected.UserName, RolInfo.username", sqlconn);
        sqlcmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@Type", DropDownList1.SelectedValue);
        int counter = ((int)sqlcmd.ExecuteScalar());


        if (counter == 0)
            Label_MES.Text = "No Editor Exist in this Journal.";
            Label_MES.Visible = true;
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what is the error? –  Ravindra Bagale Nov 17 '12 at 6:22
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Before executing your query first bind Dropdown with DataSource and then write your Query Code.

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Please give more detail. –  John Saunders Nov 17 '12 at 6:35
The code you have paste here is on Page_Load Event. Put belowe method before connStr line BindDropDownList(); and then make one function with this name protected void BindDropDownList() { BindDropDownList.DataSource = datasourse; BindDropDownList.DataValueField="ID"; BindDropDownList.DataTextField="Title"; BindDropDownList.DataBind(); } –  Hitesh Nov 17 '12 at 6:38
thanks ,but it caused another problem. now when i want to change the dropdownlist. it can not change. because in page load it will be refreshed each time. –  saeed talaee Nov 17 '12 at 6:41
you can put this method in if(!Page.IsPostBack){} –  Hitesh Nov 17 '12 at 6:43
thank you very much... you are the best..;) –  saeed talaee Nov 17 '12 at 6:50
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First check your query which you provided in sqldatasource and please share your error.

or add your dropdownlist binding code in

      // Add Code Here
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