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I've got two VBOs, one full of data, the other full of indices into this data. Both are concatenations of distinct meshes. Is there a way to draw these things in such a format?


Each [] denotes a mesh
Vertex VBO: [  vertex data ][  vertex data ][  vertex data ]
Index  VBO: [indices into ^][indices into ^][indices into ^]

Is there some way to specify offsets into the array of indices as well as the array of vertices? All the data has the same format.

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If a VBO is bound glVertexAttribPointer (and also the legacy gl…Pointer) functions do take a byte offset as their "data" parameter. Instead of casting the number to void* I suggest you cast the function signature to taking an uintptr_t (found in stdint.h), which is what actually should happen.

In the same way you can offset into the index array with glDrawElements: If there's a index buffer bound it takes a byte offset into the buffer.

Another approach would be using glDrawElementsBaseVertex.

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Yeah I was looking into glDrawElementsBaseVertex, but I didn't know exactly how to set it up for my situation. Could you give an example? Thanks. – GraphicsMuncher Nov 17 '12 at 17:41

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