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I need a HQL Query but I just dont get it.

SELECT pid FROM votes WHERE uid =  'theuserid')

I want all List of Poll´s back where the uid not in the table votes exists.

Also helpfull would be the hql query where the uid in the table votes exists, but I guess this is very similar ;-)

These are the 2 classes:

public class Poll {

private int pid;
private String name;
private String description;
private Date deadline;
private Set<Team> teams = new HashSet<Team>(0);
//some getter & setter

public class Vote {

private int vid;
private String uid;
private int pid;
private int tid;
private int votes;
//some getter & setter

Can smbdy please help me. I guess it is a join with a WHERE and NOT LIKE but I just dont get it.


This is btw the hibernate mapping:

 <class name="package.model.Poll" table="poll">
 <id name="pid" column="pid" >
 <generator class="increment"/>
<property name="name" column="name" />
<property name="description" column="description" />
<property name="deadline" type="timestamp" column="deadline" />

<set name="teams" table="pollchoice" 
        inverse="false" lazy="false" fetch="select" cascade="all" >
            <column name="pid" not-null="true" />
        <many-to-many entity-name="knt.exceedvote.model.Team">
            <column name="tid" not-null="true" />

   <class name="package.model.Vote" table="votes">
    <id name="vid" column="vid" >
    <generator class="increment"/>
<property name="pid" column="pid" />
<property name="uid" column="uid" />
<property name="tid" column="tid" />
<property name="votes" column="votes" />

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The query you wrote should have worked. If it doesn't what does it show now –  polin Nov 17 '12 at 7:49
Can you try this? SELECT * FROM poll p LEFT JOIN votes v on p.pid = v.pid WHERE v.uid <> 'theuserid' –  bonCodigo Nov 17 '12 at 7:52
@polin u are right just have to modify in hql ;) This works: SELECT p FROM Poll p WHERE p.pid NOT IN (SELECT v.pid FROM Vote v WHERE v.uid = '123') –  user1671980 Nov 17 '12 at 8:00

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Please keep in mind, Hibernate is designed using the notion of Object Graph, which is a name given to the relational objects.

That core concept is missing in your mapping (Poll and Vote seem to be isolated) hence I doubt you can use HQL in its current state.

In my opinion, you have two options:

  1. Define the relationship between Poll, pid and Vote, uid. Then you should be able to write simple HQL.

  2. Use native SQL through Hibernate session itself.

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Thanks this was the hint I needed: So it is working: SELECT p FROM Poll p WHERE p.pid NOT IN (SELECT v.pid FROM Vote v WHERE v.uid = '123') –  user1671980 Nov 17 '12 at 8:00

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