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I am very new at putting J query stuff in my project. I have one section here, by clicking on the image one pop-up box appears with background faded. I have use the below written code :

                     opacity: .75; /* standard: ff gt 1.5, opera, safari */
                     filter: alpha(opacity=50);
                     -khtml-opacity: .75; /* safari 1.x */
                      -moz-opacity: .75; /* ff lt 1.5, netscape */


function showboxlogin(id)
    $('#overlaynew').fadeIn( 2000, function(){ $('#minilogindiv').show();   
function hideboxlogin(id)   

    $('#minilogindiv').fadeOut( 2000, function(){ $('#overlaynew').hide(); });

Its working perfectly in Firefox, while clicking the background faded and the popup appears.


But in IE8 the background get dark/black completely. Could it be possible to make the IE8 effect same as firefox.


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Post a fiddle or working example if you can –  VIDesignz Nov 17 '12 at 16:37

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See this question: jquery IE Fadein and Fadeout Opacity

Change your showboxlogin function to the following:

function showboxlogin(id)
    $('#overlaynew').css('filter', 'alpha(opacity=50)');
    $('#overlaynew').fadeIn( 2000, function(){ $('#minilogindiv').show(); });        
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@san - did this answer your question? –  mccannf Dec 2 '12 at 23:15

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