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I need to take the values from a specific column in a table and place them into an array. I'm thinking to use a PL/SQL Stored procedure then calling the procedure in java and using something like:

    CallableStatement.getArray(2, myArray);

I was thinking of using something like:

SELECT column1 
FROM table1
WHERE table_id = t_id;

In a stored procedure But that didn't work

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"But that didn't work". C'mon, give us a clue. How didn't it work? We are not telepathic, so you need to provide details: describe the observed behaviour, results, error messages etc. –  APC Nov 17 '12 at 9:04
why do you need to do this? –  Woot4Moo Nov 18 '12 at 5:20

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Presume that myVARRAY is of type varchar2. In this case you could try something like

p_col   VARCHAR2 (32);

SELECT column1 
INTO p_col
FROM table1
WHERE table_id = t_id;

and then you add p_col into your array by

myVARRAY (1) := p_col;


And from Java call your array by

callablestatement.registerOutParameter(2, OracleTypes.ARRAY, "MYVARRAY");

Hope this will be helpful, otherwise provide more information about your function/procedure and the type of errors you are getting.

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