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I am new to ruby on rails platform. I am designing a form with text fields. In the beginning, I created a simple html file with css to align the text fields. Below is my css




I created text fields using following code:

<div id = "input"><input type = "text" size = "25" name = "fname" value = "first name"></input></div>
<div id = "input"><input type = "text" size = "25" name = "lname" value = "last name"></input></div>

When I ran the web page, I saw the text field aligned properly the way I wanted inside form. However I tried to convert the code in RoR, I am not able to see padding. Below is my code in RoR

<div class="input"><%= f.text_field :fname, :size => 25, :placeholder => 'first name' %></div>
<div class="input"><%= f.text_field :lname, :size => 25, :placeholder => 'last name' %></div>

Can anyone tell me what might be the issue with my approach?

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How are you loading your stylesheet in your rails application? Are you sure you've included it? –  simonmorley Nov 17 '12 at 9:06

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In the css code #input{..} the hash # means that it is looking for an id. After you have changed the code, you set it to class="input". Therefore the css can't find it by id. Change the css to .input{..}.

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It aligned it a bit but not like it aligns in simple html code. –  user1247412 Nov 17 '12 at 9:23
when you render the page, try to use firebug/inspect element and see whether another css rule conflicts with this rule. Maybe the padding-left: 30px; is not enough. –  Boris Nov 17 '12 at 10:01

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