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What is the best way in PHP to do variable caching? For example, let's assume I have a table, with 4 rows.

         name |  job
 Justin Smith | Plumber
 Jack Sparrow | Carpenter
 Justin Smith | Plumber
  Katie White | Doctor

Which is built like:

foreach($people as $person) {
   echo $person->name;
   echo get_job($person->name);

And the function call get_job() looks like:

function get_job($name) {
  //This is pseudo code below
  $row = MySQL->Query("SELECT job FROM people WHERE name = $name");
  return $row->job;

As you can see, once we get the job of Justin Smith, further down we shouldn't and don't need to do a full MySQL query again, since we know it is Plumber.

I was thinking of doing a global variable which is a key=>value array like:

 global $jobs = array("Justin Smith" => "Plumber",
                      "Jack Sparrow" => "Carpenter",
                      "Katie White" => "Doctor");

Then in the get_job() function I simply just check if the name exists in the array before querying. If not, insert the name and job into the array and return the job.

Basically, is there a better way to do this that is more elegant?

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There is many possible solutions. You can store the SQL result in an array that you can use on multipe places on the page. Instead of global you should use static:

 function get_job($name) 
      static $people_jobs;

      if( !isset($people_jobs[$name]) || empty($people_jobs[$name]) )
          $row = MySQL->Query("SELECT job FROM people WHERE name = $name");
          $people_jobs[$name] = $row->job;

      return $people_jobs[$name];

This function will do a MySQL query only once for a person, no matter how many time you call get_job($name);

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global and static are nearly the same thing, only you don't need to declare the variable global over and over again with static. – Madara Uchiha Nov 17 '12 at 9:12
What if we are inside of a class and have it like: public static function get_job($name) can $people_jobs simply be global $people_jobs and work? – Justin Nov 17 '12 at 9:15
Is it not considered as a better approach instead of the global? – Plamen Nikolov Nov 17 '12 at 9:15

this is the typical n + 1 problem where you make 1 query to get the list of "person" and then you make one query for each person to get the "job".

Depending how they are related.. maybe you could get both using one single query. For example: if the relation is a Nx1 (1 person has 1 Job, and 1 job can be used for N Persons) then your initial query should be something like:

SELECT, j.job FROM Person p INNER JOIN Job j ON (p.job_id = 

If the relation is a NxN, it gets tricky :P,

Hope this helps

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