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I've got a FlowDocumentPageViewer with dynamic content. The flow document is made of paragraphs, each run in the paragraph contains a word. I'm trying to navigate to a given run, so I got the method which will return me the run I want. But once I got this Run how can I navigate to it, with automatic page change?

For example I select the last run in a page, the next run is in the next page. How do I navigate to the next page from there? I had a look at the TextPointer but I'm not sure this will help here.

Thanks for your help, Boris

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I still haven't found the solution, if you guys had any idea it would be great! –  Boris Gougeon Aug 28 '09 at 19:09

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I just found the solution, once you get a pointer to your FrameworkElement, you will have to call FrmkElement.BringIntoView(), it will automatically change page in the PageFlowDocumentViewer.

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