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I have struggled with this for quite a long time. I'm using Backbone.js along with Require.js. I'm trying to tell Backbone to display a specific view according to the current URL (not hash). My code looks like this:

define(['jquery','underscore','backbone', 'views/manage_pages'], function($, _, Backbone,  ManagePages) {
  var AppRouter = Backbone.Router.extend({
      '/new_page': "showPageForm",
      '/edit_page': "showPageEditForm",
      '*actions': "showPageForm"
  var initialize = function(){
    appRouter = new AppRouter;
    appRouter.on("route:showPageForm", function(){
    appRouter.on("route:showPageEditForm", function(){
    var page_form = new ManagePages();
    return {
      initialize: initialize

So basically when the user goes to http://mydomain.com/new_page it should log <code>hej</code> and when he goes to http://mydomain.com/editpage it should log <code>ho</code>. I don't know how to accomplish this or even if it is possible. Can anyone help me?

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You could use Backbone's support for HTML5 push-state, which uses the URL path by default (instead of the hash fragment). Just specify it as an option when calling history.start:

Backbone.history.start({ pushState: true });

(Note that if your application is located in a sub-path under the domain, then you can tell Backbone to use that as the root -- Backbone.history.start({pushState: true, root: "/myapproot/"}) -- although it looks like that's not a concern in your case.)

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