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I am trying to use Image loaded using Client Bundle in CSS, so i coded using CssResource as following, didn't worked for me

ClientBundle Interface

public interface MyResources extends ClientBundle {
      DataResource image();

      MyCssResources css();

CssResource Interface

public interface MyCssResources extends CssResource{

    String myImage();

CSS file

@url test1 image;
.myImage {
  background: 'test1';
  width: 50px;

Implementation code

RootLayoutPanel rp = RootLayoutPanel.get();
MyResources myr = (MyResources) GWT.create(MyResources.class);
Label l = new Label("Test BackgroundImage");

Correct me if i am wrong anywhere in code, want to know where went wrong?

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@url defines a variable (in your case named test1). The value of background in your code is a string literal, not a reference to the variable: remove the quotes.

@url test1 image;
.myImage {
   background: test1;
   width: 50px;


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