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I created a website on google sites, using my own domain name. Clicking the like button ( generated) gives the error: "Sorry, this post contains a suspicious URL: Unknown error". Any ideas on how to fix this or better code to use?

This is the code generated/used:

<img src="'%3D20'f%5Cv'a%5C%3D0'10'%3D199'0'dim'%5Cbox1'b%5CF6F6F6'fC%5CF6F6F6'eC%5C0'sk'%5C%5B%22Steeglecom+-+Google+Sites+Like+Button%22'%5D'a%5CV%5C%3D12'f%5C%5DV%5Cta%5C%3D10'%3D0'%3D200'%3D32'dim'%5C%3D10'%3D10'%3D200'%3D32'vdim'%5Cbox1'b%5Cva%5CF6F6F6'fC%5CC8C8C8'eC%5C'a%5C%5Do%5CLauto'f%5C&sig=adcK6vIIXtgjrIIlMyRBX2yiuVI" data-igsrc="" data-type="ggs-gadget" data-props="screenshot:http#58//;url:http#58//;;align:; - Google Sites Like Button;height:35;igsrc:http#58//;mid:95;scrolling:no;showBorder:false;showBorderTitle:null;spec:http#58//;;width:200;wrap:true; - Google Sites Like Button" width="200" height="35" style="display:inline;float:right;margin:5px 0 5px 20px;" class="igm">

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