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Hello everyone, I need to make a custom horizontal progress bar like the image given below.

Desidered custom horizontal progress bar

And I have designed the the progress bar like the image below using layer-list in drawable:

My progress bar

I want to draw a vertical line when progress is greater than 25 like the image that I need. I wrote this code but it didn't work.

myProgressBar = (ProgressBar) findViewById(R.id.progress);
Canvas canvas = new Canvas();
Paint p = new Paint();
canvas.drawLine(a, b, c, d, p);

if(myProgressBar.getProgress() > 25){

So please help me in drawing a vertical line in the progress bar. This is my first question in the stack overflow so there may be some mistakes sorry for this.

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From my point of view is that uhave to render that line when it is greater than 25.. try this and lemme know

if(myProgressBar.getProgress() > 25){
    canvas.drawLine(a, b, c, d, p);
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