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ok so I have just recently changed my directory to exclude the .html extensions.

I have linked files by using a "/" for e.g "/mackbyte_files/style.css" as cited here How to link html pages in same or different folders?

this works fine once all the files are uploaded to the server, however when i open up the index.html page on the computers directory all the css and linked files are not displaying.

Is there a way I can get best of both worlds so i can make changes to the page locally and view them to test the changes etc and then upload them?


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Can you post some code? This is very vague, I don't see how anyone can answer that without code. Maybe your css sheets aren't linked properly? You can link your CSS sheets using the same method too. – Dyn Jan 19 '13 at 13:01

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If you're still looking for an answer for this, I have gotten a bunch of responses in my own thread. That being said, most people said to either start with / at the beginning of path names or to set a base tag to have the links always work.

Though, both of these solutions only work if the website is being run on a server rather than locally. I was hoping to find a solution similar to yours, IE best of both worlds, but apparently that is not the case. The best option, assuming you don't have webspace or somewhere to test the site, is to run a local web server using XAMPP or WAMP and testing it through that.

Hopefully this helps or you've already solved your issue. If not, then maybe some fortunate soul in the future will find this as a solution to their issue.

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