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Can anybody give a best example of ajax pagination in cakephp 2.x.

This should include data filtering also.

I have read cakephp manual but could not understand much.

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After a long search and work, i have developed a solution which is as follows:

Client Side:

  • Fist of all create a form with all filtering options.
  • Submit the form using ajax.
  • Use Post method to submit the form.
  • Submit the form using serialize method.

Server Side:

  • All filter form data will be available in $this->request->data.
  • Set PaginatorHelper options as mentioned below:


    'url' => $this->passedArgs,
    'update' => 'element_id_to_be_updated',
    'evalScripts' => true,

    ) );

  • 'url' => $this->passedArgs To post back all named arguments, when pagination links are clicked.

  • 'data'=>http_build_query($this->request->data) To post back all post data, when pagination links are clicked.

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