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I want to write a common code in my symfony2 application that should be executed before calling any action-method. How Can I do it?

At the time of login-success, I am storing some data in session. If the user visit the application later with remember-me functionality. I want to restore the session data. The common code is to restore the session data.

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Why do you keep the session data stored after the session expired or after the user logged out? – ChocoDeveloper Nov 19 '12 at 10:22

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The method to setup before and after Filters are available in the documentation. Please see the link

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You can use JMSAopBundle, intercepting all action method for a given controller (or any controller).

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I think that can be helpful. Basically you have to create listener which will be listen at kernel.controller event and call some method from controller there.

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