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So chrome auto updates the changes made to the C:\Users\*\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\User StyleSheets\Custom.css. It's great because I can choose my favorite editor and free me from any browser-integrated tools for css manipulation.

But it only works for that specific file. I know it can't be used directly to edit server-side css even when I'm working on a localhost server. But is there any other way I can use this sweet mechanism, perhaps manually telling chrome to look for a specific css file and use that as an alternate Custom.css?

EDIT: Importing doesn't work either i think.. none of these rule seem to have any effect

@import "stylish.1misc.css";            //in the same dir as Custom.css
@import url("stylish.1misc.css");
@import url("http://localhost/.my/stylish.2img.css");
@import url("file:///D:/.localhost/.my/stylish.1misc.css");


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You can use Chrome Developer Tools to do just that and several other things. Like Also editing and hot swapping Javascript.

There is a plethora of examples you can find by doing a quick search on google or youtube.

Here is an example of hot swapping some CSS on a popular site, making the font-size much larger.

Me gustan las tortugas

The changes can be saved locally (to the cache folder I suppose) or you can choose to save them somewhere else.

The Changes aren't persistent however, refreshing the page will cause all the changes to be lost, but if you want to make the changes permanent for sites you don't own, you can paste those changes to the Chrome User Stylesheet; or you your own projects you can save your changes locally. For this last case there are plenty of good practices and advice on the links provided above.

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