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I'm new to development (an admin by trade) and I'm setting up my development environment and I would like to set up a CruiseControl.Net server on Server 2008. A quick Google did not turn up any instructions for getting it running on IIS 7.0, so I was wondering if anyone had experience getting this set up.

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What Dale Ragan said; it installed flawlessly on our Windows Server 2008 machine, including the Dashboard running on IIS 7. Just give it a shot; should work fine.

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Here is a helpful article that worked for me:

Getting CruiseControl.NET working under IIS7

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I have never tried on Server 2008, but I have installed CruiseControl.NET on Vista which includes IIS 7.0. I don't remember there being any problems. You do have an admin background which should help if something does pop up.

Just use the CruiseControl.NET wiki to get you thru the install and getting it setup. That is all I did.

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I also installed under Vista with IIS 7. Almost no problems. However, I had to adjust some user rights/privileges and on virtual directory folders and IIS' authentication method after the CC.NET setup had finished, then it worked perfectly. – stakx Oct 25 '10 at 19:48

I got it running by following the steps in this blog. Additionally, I had to enable ASP.NET, as shown in this blog. Lastly, to get the package install working, I gave full permission to the local users on the webdashboard directory, as in this bug report.

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