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I want to add a background to a side scroll game that moves at a different rate to the main game layer. What would be the best way to do this? I may want 2 background layers, each scrolling slower than the other to give a sense of depth when the player moves.

Also, what is the best way to create a layer, and have direct control over it? At the moment a layer is created but I cant access it in other parts of the code. This is how its done by default which is the way I am using:

+(CCScene *) scene
// 'scene' is an autorelease object.
CCScene *scene = [CCScene node];

// 'layer' is an autorelease object.
HelloWorldLayer *layer = [HelloWorldLayer node];

// add layer as a child to scene
[scene addChild: layer];

// return the scene
return scene;


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CCParallaxNode is good for you.

    // background layer: another image
    CCSprite *background = [CCSprite spriteWithFile:@"background.png"];
    background.scale = 1.5f;
    background.anchorPoint = ccp(0,0);

    // create a void node, a parent node
    CCParallaxNode *voidNode = [CCParallaxNode node];

    [voidNode addChild:background z:-1 parallaxRatio:ccp(0.4f,0.5f) positionOffset:CGPointZero];

    [voidNode addChild:tilemap z:1 parallaxRatio:ccp(2.2f,1.0f) positionOffset:ccp(0,-200)];

    [voidNode addChild:cocosImage z:2 parallaxRatio:ccp(3.0f,2.5f) positionOffset:ccp(200,800)];

    [self addChild:voidNode];

Refer ParallaxTest in Cocos2D sample.

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Thanks Raj. Any suggestions how to access a certain layer? – Scott Walker Nov 18 '12 at 8:55
see my answer in this stackoverflow.com/questions/12754390/… – NatureFriend Nov 18 '12 at 10:59

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