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I have a query that is returning the time for each records, and time format is like


I want to group by the records in three groups:

first group whose time is <=072000 (Right Time)
second group whose time is >072000 and <=074500  (Late Comers)
Third group whose time is >074500       (For Half Day)
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Can you show sample input and more important sample output? –  rene Nov 17 '12 at 12:05

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Use a CASE statement and a subquery:

SELECT t1.TimeGroup, COUNT(t1.*)
         WHEN Time <= 072000 THEN 'Right Time'
         WHEN Time BETWEEN 072001 AND 074500 THEN 'Late Comers'
         WHEN Time > 074500 THEN 'For Half Day'
      END AS "TimeGroup"
   FROM [...]) t1
GROUP BY t1.TimeGroup
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