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I have a newbie problem here :)

I want my items to have a single main category (done) and one or many subcategories. I have two models - one for the main category and one for the subcategories. When creating a new item I want to be able to dynamically change the checkboxes for my subcategories.

I have almost achieved what I want with jQuery and a request to a view that shows the checkboxes. My only problem right now is that when I try to create a new item and I submit an invalid form when I do render 'new' the subcategories that have been checked are gone.

Here are some bits of my code:

This is from my controller:

def subcategories 
    @subcategories = Category.find(params[:id]).subcategories
    if !params[:item_id].nil?
        @item = Item.find(params[:item_id])
        @item = Item.new
    render :partial => "subcategories"

This is my view:

<% if !@subcategories.blank? %>
  <% @subcategories.each do |subcat| %> 
    <%= label_tag dom_id(subcat), subcat.name, :class => "checkbox" do %>
        <%= check_box_tag "item[subcategory_ids][]", subcat.id, @item.subcategory_ids.include?(subcat.id) , id: dom_id(subcat) %> <%= subcat.name %>
    <% end %>
  <% end %>
<% end %>

And this is my new.html.erb:

<div id="subcategories_main">
    <%= label_tag "Subcategories" %>
    <div id="subcategories">

And I have this small JavaScript to show the checkboxes:

$("#item_category_id").change(function() {
// make a POST call and replace the content
var category_id = $('select#item_category_id :selected').val();
if(category_id != "" || category_id != "0") 
  $.get('/categories/' + category_id + '/subcategories', function(data){
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They are supposed to be gone rt? Anyway can you give more code? The entire view and everything.. whats the "item_cateogry_id"? Where is that in the view?? post everything.. –  Steve Robinson Nov 17 '12 at 18:20

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Form submission refreshes the page and so checkboxes will definitely get cleared out.

You can do two things at this point:

  1. Do Form validation at Client side. And hence you will never submit an invalid form.
  2. Or create another global list in controller before render "new" that contains the checked subcategories (coming from params). Something like :

    @checked_subcategories = params[:sub_categories]

    And then you can check in the view while iterating, like if @checked_subcategories.include?(name), mark checkbox as checked.

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