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i want to use the php stripslashes function inside a twig template but this function is not a standard twig function, so i have to add it to twig as an extension, i tried this code inside a controller, but it doesnt work:

use Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Controller\Controller;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response;
class XController extends Controller

public function YAction($page)
$twig->addFunction('functionName', new Twig_Function_Function('someFunction'));

do i need a use statement for the "Twig_Function_Function" class? am i doing this wrong?

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If you want to use it in your twig templates, you don't need to make any add or call inside your controller, Read the How to write a custom Twig Extension section of the documentation.

Basicaly, you need to create an Extension Class that extends \Twig_Extension , then you need to register it as a service using the twig.extension tag. And finally you need to implement the getFunctions() method in order to add customized twig functions.

But in your case better is to add a filter, with the same logic you can also add a getFilters() method in your extension class so that you can specify your customized filters.

Also, take a deeper look at the Extending Twig section of the documentation to understand all the ways twig can be extended.

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