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Team Sof,

I have a requirement to generate name-based UUIDs for my project. The catch is that FE uses PHP to generate identifiers based on a string, and BE uses Java to create those UUIDs based on same string.

Is there some package in PHP and Java that generate same UUID based on a string. I tried to generate UUID in Java using UUID.nameUUIDFromBytes(name.getBytes()).toString() method from java.util.UUID. In case of PHP, I am finding a module that generates same UUID

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Java's UUID.nameUUIDFromBytes returns a Variant 3 UUID, Ben Ramsey's Rhumsaa\UUID PHP library can generate these.

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Thanks for mentioning my Rhumsaa\Uuid library. Unfortunately, the link above is broken (I moved files around for PSR-4), but the library is still alive and well. It can generate version 3 and 5 UUIDs and is fully compatible with all RFC 4122 UUIDs. If you create a name-based version 3 or 5 UUID in any other programming language, this library is able to generate the same UUID, given the same "name space" and "name." –  Ben Ramsey Feb 28 '14 at 14:54

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