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I am unable to add a distribution provisioning profile in the iOS provisioning portal. I already have:

  • wildcard app ID
  • wildcard developer provisioning profile
  • app ID (for my app to be sent to the AppStore)
  • developer provisioning profile (for my app to be sent to the AppStore)
  • developer certificate
  • distribution certificate
  • app record in iTunes connect (not that it matters in this case tbh)

I go to Provisioning > Distribution and try to create a new distribution provisioning profile:

  • distribution method: App Store
  • profile name: myAppName Distribution Profile
  • distribution certificate: it's correct
  • appID: I select my app ID
  • devices: greyed out since distribution method is App Store

Hitting Submit throws this error (twice, below each other): "The selected device(s) are not unique. Please select unique device(s)."

There is one device registered under devices. Refreshing from Xcode's Organizer does not help. I did notice as well: the field 'Provisioning profiles' of my distribution certificate is empty, should the development provisioning profile not be listed here (and if so, how do I get it listed)?

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any luck with this ? – Zoidberg Dec 16 '12 at 10:21
Forgot to come back to this, thanks for your comment -> see answer – mmvie Dec 17 '12 at 8:38
thanks for the update – Zoidberg Dec 18 '12 at 9:40
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Eventually, we contacted Apple Support. It was a bug in the Developer Portal. After 4 weeks of emails and phone calls back and forth, they manually reset our account in the database (which is their very last resort). Overall, I was pleasantly surprised of the quality of Apple Support.

For those of you who might come across this very same bug, the error message "The selected device(s) are not unique. Please select unique device(s)." has something to do with the fact that devices are being added from Xcode (+ synchronising) and from the Developer Portal. It seems there is some inconsistency there, but we've been told the Apple Tech Team is not 100% sure.

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