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I am writing a custom perl script to gather stats which I want to graph. My perl script runs fine at the command line, yet does not graph a result in cacti.

cacti.log is not showing any errors.

In a nutshell my script SSHs to another server, runs a command and outputs an integer based on the reponse from the output of the SSH command.

The script works everytime when run from the command line, however does not run when run via cacti's cmd.php. If I replace my SSH command with a variable containing the response it should get and than manipulate that data as per normal, I get the result I expect.

So my question is this - why is the SSH command failing in my perl script when it is called by cacti?

I was assuming that it was a permissions issue, but I've tried 0644 0755 and 0777 on the script and I get the same result.

The ssh command in perl looks like this:

my $result = `/usr/bin/ssh -i /path/to/dsa_key root\@x.x.x.x "/path/to/remote/command | /bin/grep my_info"`;

any help would be greatly appreciated.


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When you tee the outputs of the commands on the remote server to a logfile, do you get some output there? Can you verify that the commands are actually run? Instead of backticks, have you tried using open with the "-|" argument (can circumvent shell escaping AND allows error handling!)? Have you considered using a module for SSH? –  amon Nov 17 '12 at 14:26
Thanks Amon. I had another play with it after some much needed sleep and fixed it quite easily. I forgot that cacti will call the script from the www-data user, and that would impact on it's ability to use the SSH key etc. Sorted out that problem and it now works fine. –  drinxy Nov 18 '12 at 5:00

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