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According to this article (method 2, item 6) I'm supposed to add computername\IIS_IUSRS as the role allowed to read my web.config file.

I'm not sure if it's true, though, because:

  1. I've seen other web sites on the current server that don't have that set in security tab but still are accessible
  2. more importantly, I still get the error 500.19 related config data invalid with extension config file insufficient permissions (0x80070005).

(At this point I'm only trying to serve a static HTML page, before I'll go on and also deliver web services.)

What am I missing?

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Check every part of the directory tree in your setup. Make sure that every directory, subdirectory and file that you're trying to access, in fact, has the group IIS_IUSRS defined on your local machine (or the server, in fact). I'm betting my left ear that you'll find a part that hasn't.

The error you mentioned - 0x80070005 - means precisely that.

In case you still can't find the source of the issue, remove the whole directory tree and redo the whole setup process. Maybe there's some access right that's catched, then.

I just tested it on my system and I could cause the error you're describing by removing permissions of IIS_IUSRS from a subdirectory.

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