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The following line in my C program should provided All/Group/Owner read and write permissions

mkfifo("/tmp/dumbPipe", 0666)

But once I execute the code and check out the permission non of the write bits were set, I end up with


The owners are the same, Is it a problem since I'm creating the pipe in the tmp directory? When I run chmod 666 from the cmd line all the permissions get set correctly.

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This is a no-comments post, just quoting manuals. Brievity etc.

Quote from man 3 mkfifo:

It is modified by the process's umask in the usual way: the permissions of the created file are (mode & ~umask).

Quote from man 2 umask

The typical default value for the process umask is S_IWGRP | S_IWOTH (octal 022). In the usual case where the mode argument to open(2) is specified as:


  (octal 0666) when creating a new file, the permissions on the resulting file will be:


  (because 0666 & ~022 = 0644; i.e., rw-r--r--).
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Salam, I know it is to late but for other users I choose to write this comment Even if you precise 0666 as permission, you should know that there is an another factor that is called " process's file mode creation ", so the question is :

how to change current process file mode creation ?

Answer : use umask(permission) at beginning of your program - and give 0000 as permission


this should help .

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