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How can I set the minTime and maxTime options after the calendar is created?

I tried the following, which doesn't work:

$('#calendar').fullCalendar('option', 'minTime', 7);
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I don't know if FC can reinitialize with different options; in my app I just do window.location.reload() after changing the min/maxTime... – MaxD Nov 18 '12 at 4:28

I don't know if it is still relevant but I can change the options with the following statement:

example for selectable:

$('#calendar').fullCalendar('getView').calendar.options.selectable = false;
$('#calendar').fullCalendar('render'); // rerender to see visual changes

Though it's not dynamically but at least you don't have to destroy the whole calendar and refetch your events :-)

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Many thanks, this workaround is awesome. It works on fullcalendar v2 as well, and I just would like to add that to get the options changes to take visible effect call: $('#calendar').fullCalendar('render'); – Awerealis Jul 31 '14 at 5:05
This is, nowadays, the correct answer. – Mario Levrero Aug 11 '14 at 9:00
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Can't be done without recreating the calendar.

Update: Can be done in v 2.9: See below

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There's an open issue for this functionality here:


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This functionality has been officially release in v2.9.0: http://fullcalendar.io/docs/utilities/dynamic_options/

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just me dude's answer is actually the only way I found myself.

This is just an addendum to this former answer : If you want to change the editable option, which is very useful if you want to lock the events for asking confirmation on a change before updating your database, it's a little more tricky. In case it can save some time to someone I dump the code:

var view = $('#calendar').fullCalendar('getView');
view.calendar.options.editable = false;
view.calendar.overrides.editable = false;
view.calendar.viewSpecCache.month.options.editable = false;
view.calendar.viewSpecCache.agendaWeek.options.editable = false;
view.calendar.viewSpecCache.agendaDay.options.editable = false;

You obviously change all those false to true to unlock.

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This way you can change as many calendar options you like:

// save the calendar options in a variable
var calendarOptions = $('#calendar')

// make your changes to the calendar options
// I wanted to change the slotDuration
calendarOptions.slotDuration = '00:20:00';

// destroy the calendar

//Lets load the calendar with the new options

Hope this helps. Thanks.

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This code just did fine for me. Call this function anywhere and pass as many custom variables to it, but don't forget to destroy the previous calendar first

function initializeCalendar( timeIntervalCustom ) {
  slotMinutes: timeIntervalCustom,



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