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I want to prepare a few GIT repositories available via http/https. I read here and there and learnt about git-http-backend, I followed the tutorials and managed to get everything to work. I can clone the repositories providing crentials specified in my htpasswd file (let's assume user1 and user2 for now) and push the changes back.

My repos are in /var/www/git, and so is gitweb.

etc/httpd/conf.d/git.conf :

SetEnv GIT_PROJECT_ROOT /var/www/git

ScriptAliasMatch \
    "(?x)^/git/(.*/(HEAD | \
                    info/refs | \
                    objects/(info/[^/]+ | \
                             [0-9a-f]{2}/[0-9a-f]{38} | \
                             pack/pack-[0-9a-f]{40}\.(pack|idx)) | \
                    git-(upload|receive)-pack))$" \

ScriptAlias /git /var/www/git/gitweb.cgi

<Location /git>
    AuthType Basic
    AuthName "Basic Auth"
    AuthBasicProvider file ldap

    # LDAP
    AuthzLdapAuthoritative Off
    AuthLDAPURL "ldap://[...]/CN=Users,DC=ad,DC=example,DC=com?sAMAccountName"
    AuthLDAPBindDN "CN=Administrator,CN=Users,DC=ad,DC=example,DC=com"
    AuthLDAPBindPassword Password11

    # FILE 
    AuthUserFile /var/www/htpasswd
    AuthGroupFile /var/www/git.groups
    Require valid-user

I clone the repository with

git clone http://localhost/git/gitrepo
Username for 'http://localhost/git/gitrepo': user1
Password for 'http://user1@localhost': XXXXX

The problem is that I'm trying to setup repository-based authorization, I want only a group of users to be able to access each repository. I figured out using .htaccess files would be the perfect solution (no need to restart the server), so I put a simple .htaccess in my repository's directory /var/www/git/gitrepo :

Require User test2

Theoretically, cloning / pushing changes using test1 should be disallowed, but it is still working. It turns out that the .htaccess is ignored, because no matter what I put there I can clone the repository if I'm authenticated.

I think that there might be a problem with the ScriptAliasMatch, maybe all the handling goes to git-http-backend exec and it doesn't go back to Apache since it redirected all the traffic? I'm a rather newbie in Apache, so it might be a simple story, but please - help ! :)

Update 1: Yes, AllowOverride is set to "All" in the main config for /var/www/git:

<Directory "/var/www/git">
    AllowOverride All
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I wonder if there's anything that can be done here (I guess I'll join the mailing list), but I just wanted to say I switched to Gitolite and it works like charm :) –  Maryl Nov 19 '12 at 21:01
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