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I have a receipt of a remote page:

$page = file_get_contents ('http://sayt.ru/');

There is a array of words:

$word = array ("word", "second");

How to count the number of words in the array matches the text on the page? Started to dig in the direction

$matches = array ();
$count_words = preg_match_all ('/'. $word. '/ i',$page, $matches);

But certainly not in the direction I dig because count is always zero. And through preg_match_all sought after one word, not the entire array. : (

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you have to either check or each word in array or use regexp like this:

$serachWords = array_map(function($w){ return preg_quote($w,'/'); }, $word);
$search = implode('|', $searchWords);
$count_words = preg_match_all('/\b(?:'.$serach.')\b/i', $page, $matches);

Added few modification to have better results: escape all words, so they wouldn't break expression and add word boundaries (\b) no match word as a word, not part of swords.

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Yep! Thx! It's work! =)) –  Ivan Dudenko Nov 17 '12 at 16:09
I added to modifications to have more accurate results –  dev-null-dweller Nov 17 '12 at 16:33

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