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I have following code:

 ​<div id="first" >​</div>  
 <div id="second"></div> 


​#first,#second {  
    background-color: red;  
    display: inline-block;  
    border: 0px;  

I observe a space between the divs which I am not able to remove. Any help? Here is the link to jsfiddle source.

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That is the whitespace you have included while formatting your HTML. You can set the font size of the parent to zero to fix this.


An alternative approach is to format your HTML like this:

​<div id="first" >​<  
/div><div id="second"></div


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This is unreliable, as some browsers have a setting for the minimum allowable font size. –  Niet the Dark Absol Nov 17 '12 at 16:46

The space is there in the HTML, so it will be there in the output. Try shoving the </div><div id="second"> together with no space between them.

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To remove space between two divs you need to set margin-left property of second div negative pixels check this link or

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Alternatively, if you don't want a completely messed up HTML to avoid spaces between inline-block displayed divs, you can use HTML comments to connect the divs, as I've described in a more exhaustive way here

    ​<div id="first" >​</div><!--  
 --><div id="second"></div> 
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