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Thought a lot but could not find a suitable title ... so also suggest on title.

Also I am not showing HTML code to avoid making post larger. With PHP variables names and part of figure shown, its easy to understand the situation.

Actual problem is described here -

Here is a code snippet which is just a small part of a large code. The confusion is b/w two situations. Both are mentioned below. -

PHP Code :

   while($npacket>=1) {

       while($count<$payload_length ) {

       $data_file=`cat packet.txt`;

           $fpayload="-f packet.txt";
       else if($datatyp=="hex")


       if( $ip=="tcp" || $ip=="udp" ) 
            exec("sendip -v -p ipv6 $fpayload  $random $adv_cont -6s $sip $optext -p  $proto $cont -$s $sapp_port -$d $dapp_port $dip ");

       else {

Problem is Here ....

       echo "this is $fpayload it";

       exec(" echo sendip -v -p ipv6 $fpayload $random $adv_cont -6s $sip $optext -p icmp $icmp_cont $dip > sample ");







For 1 packet and payload specified as a input,

1) Input : 616263646566

enter image description here

Output :

  $ cat payload.txt 
  $ cat packet.txt 
  $ cat sample 

2) Input : 6162636465666768

Output :

  $ cat payload.txt 
  $ cat packet.txt 
  $ cat sample 
  sendip -v -p ipv6 -d0x6162636465666768   -6s 2001::100  -p icmp  2001::200

Please help me find out where does exactly problem lies ?


Permission of files :

 $ ls -l payload.txt packet.txt sample 
 -rwxrwxrwx 1 udit udit 13 Nov 17 20:57 packet.txt
 -rwxrwxrwx 1 udit udit 13 Nov 17 20:57 payload.txt
 -rwxrwxrwx 1 udit udit  0 Nov 17 20:57 sample
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strange even after more than 24 hours not even a single response –  Udit Gupta Nov 18 '12 at 17:03

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Problem was actually presence of whitespaces and null characters at the end of $fpayload variable. Just needed to add one regular expression syntax in else part.

else if($datatyp=="hex") {
     $fpayload=preg_replace('/\s+/', '', $fpayload);

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