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How can I check in if checkbox was chcked? Here the CheckBox:

<input type="checkbox" id="FootBallManager2013CheckBox" />
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Since your markup is not using a CheckBox server control, I'll assume you want to check the input manually.

  1. You have to give the input a name, otherwise it can't be posted. Call it, for example, name="FootBallManager2013CheckBox".
  2. In the code-behind, look in Request.Form["FootBallManager2013CheckBox"] and see if it is non-blank. If the form element is present, it was checked; if it's not, it wasn't.


var footBallManager2013CheckBoxChecked = !string.IsNullOrEmpty(Request.Form["FootBallManager2013CheckBox"]);

Or, you could just use the server control, which is easier.

<asp:CheckBox runat="server" id="FootBallManager2013CheckBox" />


if (FootBallManager2013CheckBox.Checked)

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change html as

<input type="checkbox" id="FootBallManager2013CheckBox" RunAt="Server"/>

then on server side in code behind

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you can tell by the checked property on the checkbox:

input type="checkbox" id="FootBallManager2013CheckBox" checked="checked"

or code wise (vb)

IF FootBallManager2013CheckBox.checked = checked then
[write what you want to do]
End IF
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