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I'm a complete noob to C and I wondered why if I take a user input why it wont find the file but when I hard code it using:

const char * fn = "/Users/james/Documents/test.rtf";

It seems to work fine?

char text[100];
fputs("File location: ", stdout);
fgets(text, sizeof text, stdin);

FILE *fp = fopen(text,"r");
if( fp ) {
    printf("\nFile Exists");
} else {
    printf("\nFiles doesn't exist");

Any help would be awesome, or just a point to some online source that I have clearly not been able to find. :)

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fgets reads a line and keeps the final newline character. You'll have to strip that off by

text[strlen(text) - 1] = '\0';

(After doing the proper error checking, of course.)

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Brill thank you, I had read somewhere about that now but in a slightly different context so at least now I know. I will mark you as correct in 3 minutes :) – James Nov 17 '12 at 16:58

You can use access() to check whether file exists or not For access you need to provide path of the file and mode.

Prototype of access is int access(const char *pathname, int mode);

access() returns zero if file exists.

For more information visit:

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