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I have a footer content that is overlapping the wrapper div in my css and html, when I changed height to auto it didnt work. below is an example of the page I'm working on.

Wrapper CSS

#wrapper {
width: 1030px;
height: 600px;
margin: 20px auto auto auto;
padding: 0;
background: url(wrapper.png);

Footer CSS

width: 1000px;
padding: 60px 0 0 30px;
height: auto;
float: right;
clear: both;
background: url(footer_bg.gif) no-repeat top right;
text-align: center;



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How is this question different from the last question you asked - stackoverflow.com/questions/13432241/content-overlapping-div? –  j08691 Nov 17 '12 at 16:51
Please compare both questions.. –  Dotunn Nnnn Nov 17 '12 at 16:54

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You need to clear your floats in the .content_left and content_right columns and remove the height associated with your #wrapper:


There's a few different methods for clearing floats. I went with a real simple method of just adding a <div style="clear:both;"> after both columns as discussed here:


But I'd generally use a clearfix method discussed here:


I also added in some word-wrap:break-word CSS for your left column to wrap all your dummy content.

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