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Elegant workaround for JavaScript floating point number problem

If I perform the following operation in Javascript:


The result is 24.48.

However, if I do this:


The result is:


JSFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/zcDH7/

So it appears that Javascript rounds things differently when doing division and multiplication?

Using my calculator, the operation 24.48/400 results in the correct answer of 0.0612.

How should I deal with Javascript's inaccurate division? I can't simply round the number off, because I will be dealing with numbers of varying precision.

Thanks for your advice.

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Floating point arithmetic is always inaccurate. Javascript's not to blame. –  Jan Dvorak Nov 17 '12 at 17:00
Floating point operations are not meant to be 100% accurate. This applies to almost all programming languages, not just JavaScript. –  Salman A Nov 17 '12 at 17:00

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You can get the correct result with simply using:

var a = 24.48/400;

And because typeof a.toFixed(6) === 'string' you can:

var a = 24.48/400;
  • The argument of toFixed is the number of decimals you want.
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