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I want to extract key value pairs of some form elements in a html page

for example

name="frmLogin" method="POST" onSubmit="javascript:return validateAndSubmit();" action="TG_cim_logon.asp?SID=^YcMunDFDQUoWV32WPUMqPxeSxD4L_slp_rhc_rNvW7Fagp7FgH3l0uJR/3_slp_rhc_dYyJ_slp_rhc_vsPW0kJl&RegType=Lite_Home"

while the original line is

<form name="frmLogin" method="POST" onSubmit="javascript:return validateAndSubmit();" action="TG_cim_logon.asp?SID=^YcMunDFDQUoWV32WPUMqPxeSxD4L_slp_rhc_rNvW7Fagp7FgH3l0uJR/3_slp_rhc_dYyJ_slp_rhc_vsPW0kJl&RegType=Lite_Home">

is there any method using which I can safely get the key and value pairs. I tried using splitting by spaces and then using '=' characters but string inside quotes can also have '='.

is there any different kind of split method which can also take care of quotes?

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Use a parsing library such as lxml.html for parsing html.

The library will have a simple way for you to get what you need, probably not taking more than a few steps:

  1. load the page using the parser

  2. choose the form element to operate on

  3. ask for the data you want

Example code:

>>> import lxml.html
>>> doc = lxml.html.parse('
>>> form = doc.xpath('//form')[0]
>>> form
<Element form at 0xbb1870>
>>> form.attrib
{'action': '/search', 'autocomplete': 'off', 'id': 'search', 'method': 'get'}
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You could use regular expressions like this one :

/([^=, ]+)="([^" ]+|[^," ]+)" ?"/

In python, you can do this :


import re

text = 'name="frmLogin" method="POST" onSubmit="javascript:return validateAndSubmit();" action="TG_cim_logon.asp?SID=^YcMunDFDQUoWV32WPUMqPxeSxD4L_slp_rhc_rNvW7Fagp7FgH3l0uJR/3_slp_rhc_dYyJ_slp_rhc_vsPW0kJl&RegType=Lite_Home"';

ftext = re.split( r'([^=, ]+)="([^" ]+|[^," ]+)" ?', text )

print ftext;
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Escaped double quotes could pose a problem here. – Jan Dvorak Nov 17 '12 at 17:05
@JanDvorak I've never seen any quotes escape in HTML, but indeed, it could be a problem... – rayfranco Nov 17 '12 at 17:13
Obligatory. – Lauritz V. Thaulow Nov 17 '12 at 17:56
s = r'name="frmLogin" method="POST" onSubmit="javascript:return validateAndSubmit();" action="TG_cim_logon.asp?SID=^YcMunDFDQUoWV
>>> lst = s.split('" ')
>>> for item in lst:
...     print item.split('="')
['name', 'frmLogin']
['method', 'POST']
['onSubmit', 'javascript:return validateAndSubmit();']
['action', 'TG_cim_logon.asp?SID=^YcMunDFDQUoWV32WPUMqPxeSxD4L_slp_rhc_rNvW7Fagp7FgH3l0uJR/3_slp_rhc_dYyJ_slp_rhc_vsPW0kJl&RegType=Li
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{i.split('="')[0]: i.split('="')[1] for i in str.split("\" ")}

where str is your original string

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dict=eval('dict(%s)'%name.replace(' ',','))
print dict
{'action': 'TG_cim_logon.asp?SID=^YcMunDFDQUoWV32WPUMqPxeSxD4L_slp_rhc_rNvW7Fagp7FgH3l0uJR/3_slp_rhc_dYyJ_slp_rhc_vsPW0kJl&RegType=Lite_Home', 'onSubmit': 'javascript:return,validateAndSubmit();', 'method': 'POST', 'name': 'frmLogin'}

This will solve your problem .

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