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I took the viewPager example from here and its working fine with listViews.

I changed it up a bit to work with webviews.

I removed the listView methods and i changed the class to "extends Fragment" and i added a webview to the fragment layout this is where i load the url

public void onActivityCreated(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

the methods gets called when i swipe to a new fragment but the image loads on a random fragment. It loads on one fragment and you need to swipe to other fragments until it loads on another fragment randomly but it never appears on two fragments.

I assume its because the ArrayListFragment is static so i tried to make it not static and create new objects in the getItem method but it resulted in the same behavior.

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apparently getActivity() was the culprit and i solved the loading with

WebView wv = (WebView)v.findViewById(;

int the onCreateView() method.

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