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How can I prune an empty element of data.xml which generated using work-flow send button? For instance we may prune invisible controls/section making value = "false" in properties-local.xml file <property as="xs:boolean" name="oxf.fr.detail.send.success.prune.*.*" value="false"/>

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The oxf.fr.detail.send.success.prune.*.* property allows you to control whether non-relevant elements are pruned, not empty elements. There is no property to remove empty elements, but this is something you can do on the receiving side, say, with XSLT. And a couple of precisions:

  • By prune, we mean remove from the XML.
  • Non-relevant elements (a terminology that comes from XForms) are the elements for which the visibility rule you defined in Form Builder returns false.
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thank you for your advice! –  Bake Nov 20 '12 at 8:49

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