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Does anyone know if there is a JQuery plugin to start an animation after scrolling over an object?

Or if there is no plugin use JQuery to start a CSS3 transition after I scroll over the object?

I'm trying to replicate something like this http://heymosaic.com/

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

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As in user mouses over the element and when they mouse out start the animation? –  Ryan Brodie Nov 17 '12 at 18:43

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They don't use mouseover/mouseout events to trigger their animations, instead they use the scroll position of the window. Something like this will work:

jQuery('div#down_the_page').focus(function() {
  // animate when div#down_the_page is visible in the viewport
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here's the pseudocode for you:

//on window.scroll 
    //for every still not animated element in the page
        //check if it's top is in the view
            //if it is, start the transition.

and the key for it is:


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i think maybe there is a jquery plugin named waypoints.js can help to implements this effect.

you can take a look at this for a demo : http://www.mightymatcha.com/

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