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In Wordpress you can´t use "in_category" outside the loop, so I created a function that gives me all the categories my article is in and create a "is_category" if statement out of it.

I put my function in my "functions.php":

function inCatAlt($catID){
    $allCats = get_categories('child_of='.$catID);

    $childCats = 'is_category('.$catID.') ';
    foreach($allCats as $childCat){
        $childCats.= 'or is_category('.$childCat->cat_ID.') ';

    $allchildCats = trim(trim($childCats, 'or '));
    return $allchildCats;

and call this in my sidebar, single and so on:

echo inCatAlt(13);

which gives me this as a string back:

"is_category(13) or is_category(16) or is_category(15)"

This is exactly what I needed, but now I want to evaluate the string to use it in a if function like this:

 do something

But it doesn´t work. Do I evaluate it wrong or what is the problem? If I copy paste the output into the if function it works fine…

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But it's still going to be outside of the loop if it's in the sidebar? I don't see what this solves... Also, is_category can be used outside the loop. You just have to give the page ID as the second parameter: in_category( cat_id, post_id); also you use is_category where I think you mean in_category? is_category can always be used, even outside the loop. – Pickett Nov 17 '12 at 20:15
yeah, i know that in_category doesn´t work but is_category does. I have one cat which has several child-cats. I just want my function to give me automatically all my child cats and make a "is_category" if statement out of it. – fimbim Nov 18 '12 at 9:45

I'll answer what I think is the real question. Your proposed solution is extremely bad practice.

Try this:

$post_categories = wp_get_post_categories( $post_id );
$child_categories = get_categories( array( 'child_of' => $catID ) );

if( count( array_intersect( $post_categories, $child_categories ) ) > 0 )
    // The post exists in one or more of the child categories
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